The Cats Whiskers Cattery, Barnsley


You may have several questions, particularly if you are looking at using our services for the first time. Hopefully here we will be able to answer some of those Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you.


Can we look around the cattery before booking?

– Absolutely! We strongly encourage prospective and even returning customers to have a look around the cattery before booking with us. You are welcome to come during our opening times to meet our staff and see our facilities.

Are you insured?

– Yes we are insured with Cliverton for Public Liability and Amlin for our Employer’s Liability.

How much will my cats’ stay cost?

– Our current prices are available here. We offer discounts for multiple cats and for durations longer than two weeks.

Do you offer long term boarding?

-Yes. Whatever your requirements, we can accommodate. We have worked with insurance companies before to provide long term (11 months is our longest) boarding following fire or flood where customers have to move into accommodation without their pets.

My cat goes outside at home, is this possible?

-We offer two types of accommodation. Inside chalets only and chalets with a veranda. If your cat is purely and indoor cat then our inside chalets are perfect. If you cat like to take in the sunshine and stretch its legs then why not book an inside chalet with access to an outdoor veranda through a cat flap (we can peg this open if you cat isn’t used to a cat flap).

What are the animals fed and can I bring my own cat-food?

– As far as reasonably possible, we try and keep your cat on its regular food so that your cat’s digestion isn’t interrupted. We offer Whiskas (pouches and tins), Felix (pouches and tins) and KiteKat (pouches and tins). If your cat is on a veterinarian proscribed diet then you will need to provide this yourself.

Will my cats come into contact with other cats?

– Only cats from the same households, whose owners have completed a “Cats Boarding Together Agreement” will be allowed to share a single chalet. Other than this, no cats will be placed into the same runs with each other. Our chalets have sneeze guards to help prevent the spread of diseases and viruses.

Does my can need to be vaccinated?

– Yes. Your cat must have a valid and up-to-date vaccination certificate that covers your cat for its entire stay. Cats must be vaccinated against the two air borne viruses, Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. Your pet will have an injection. Three to six weeks later a second injection will be given.  A booster must be given every 12 months after. If your can goes over 15 months without a booster, you must start from the beginning. Feline leukaemia is not air borne, therefore this vaccination is optional. YOUR CAT WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STAY WITH US IF THEY DO NOT HAVE AN UP-TO-DATE CERTIFICATE.

 Do you accept male cats?

– We ONLY accept neutered male cats.

 My cat has medication, will you administer it?

– We have many customers that come to us requiring daily medication administration and this is not a problem. Whether you can has diabetes and needs twice daily injections or whether it requires a tablet crushed up in tuna, we are able to administer on your behalf. We do reserve the right to charge a supplement for this service. Please discuss at time of booking.

What sort of heating do you use?

– Our main cattery is centrally heated as well as each chalet having its own heated pad. During the summer, to meet demand, we open up a second building which has the heated pads but no central heating. Please enquire at time of summer booking which building your cat will be housed in.

Are the premises regularly disinfected?

– We use ANIGENE HLD4V which is a High Level Disinfectant Cleaner for Animal Health Applications, used by many veterinary practices. ANIGENE HLD4V is effective against Viruses (such as Canine parvovirus, Feline calicivirus), Fungi (such as Microsporum canis, Aspergillus niger) and Bacteria (such as Bordetella bronchiseptica, MRSA, MRSP, Campylobacter jejuni, Salmonella etc).  ANIGENE HLD4V is used in daily floor and sleeping area cleaning as well as in a deep clean at the end of your pet’s stay. We add  ANIGENE HLD4V to bedding washes and also to the sterilization unit in out kitchen for food and water bowls as well as separately to disinfect and sterilise litter trays.

Can I bring my own bedding and toys?

– We do allow customers to bring their own home comforts but these must be brought freshly washed and we will spray them with ANIGENE HLD4V which is a High Level Disinfectant Cleaner for Animal Health Applications, used by many veterinary practices (see above).

Do you have a license?

-We are inspected yearly by Barnsley Council and are issued with a license under the Animal Boarding Establishments Act of 1963. Our current license is, as legally required, displayed in our office. Feel free to take a look.

What if my cat becomes ill whilst staying with you?

– When you arrive we will ask you to complete a booking form (or check an existing form if you are a returning customer). The completed form contains lots of information which will enable us to give your pet the best possible care whilst they stay with us. Please make sure that when you complete the form, you give as much information as possible, especially in the “About Your Pets Health” section. In the unlikely event of your cat feeling unwell, this is the information we will look to first to make sure that there is no underlying symptoms. The booking form talks of scary things like the possibility of your cat being unwell and even euthanasia. Please rest assured that we are only making sure that we have plans in place for every eventuality and the chances of your cat needing ANY medical attention at all are very slim. Never the less we want to make sure your cat will be as comfortable as possible. If your cat falls ill whilst in our care, your or our vet will be called. Owners are liable for all resulting costs.